"I am reminded again what a pleasure it is to work with you... It's a breath of fresh air to have such a professional company care for my garden."

Susan, Lafayette

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Horticultural Landscape Maintenance

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Quality Garden Care

We provide custom maintenance packages for all size gardens to fit your needs and budget. A free assessment with our knowledgeable and courteous staff can help prioritize and pace the work that is needed in your garden, so you can see gradual improvements in a reasonable time frame. We can tend your garden on a weekly or bi-monthly basis, or visit for special seasonal work quarterly, half yearly or as needed through the calendar year.

Aside from regular or seasonal maintenance, we provide a wide array of horticulture services to meet your needs. Our services also include:

Clean Up

Has it been a while since your garden was tidied up? Is it overgrown with weeds, plants, dead and dying shrubs or accumulated debris?

A clean up can help put your garden back in order. We can work with you to determine what should be pruned and what can be removed to give the garden a fresh start and a better look.


Garden Renewal and Restoration

If your garden is tired and needs new plantings to add interest and vitality, we can help you redesign and make changes on whatever scale you like.


Gradual Landscape Conversion

We can help you gradually convert water loving and high maintenance areas to beautiful spaces requiring lower maintenance and less water consumption. We focus on planting the right plant in the right place, with attractive selections that don’t rely on constant fertilizing, pruning, herbicides, pesticides or other high maintenance techniques to keep them healthy. As your garden grows, you will see your smart investment mature into a beautiful landscape that will bring you joy for years to come.


Edible Gardens

Growing your own fruits and vegetables brings deep satisfaction and good nutrition to your family. We have many years of experience growing edibles.


Seasonal and Restorative Pruning of Small Trees, Ornamental Shrubs and Herbaceous Perennials

We can restore sickly, improperly pruned or overgrown hedges, shrubs and small trees to reasonable heights and shapes to promote aesthetic balance and healthy growth.

Are trees or other plants in your garden crowding or obscuring important views? Are there areas that make spaces feel too confined or squeezed? Are pathways blocked by overgrown plants?

By clearing obstructed views, overgrown pathways, and other crowded areas, you can free up spaces, creating flow and ease of movement in the garden. This allows the environment to breathe and feel more comfortable to be in.

Our responsive and careful staff can help assess and attend to these details.


Mulch Application

We consider mulch to be a very important element in a healthy garden. We use it to help conserve water, suppress weeds, help reduce soil erosion, and add nutrients and organic matter to soils. Call on us to mulch your paths, garden beds or unpaved patios.


Healthy Environmental Techniques

We know that the toxic residue of weed and feed and other products applied to lawns and garden beds can be brought into the home by foot traffic. Pets and young children playing on the carpet can inhale the chemicals, which can result in respiratory problems, allergic reactions and other health issues. Harmful substances like these are off the list of products we use in the garden.

Four Dimensions gardeners practice IPM (Integrated Pest Management), fertilizing, and weed control with the environment and your needs in mind. We bring you the least toxic, yet most effective methods. Organic products and soft on the earth sprays are our first choices for a healthy garden.


To see examples of our maintenance work, please visit the portfolio pages of this website. To schedule a free garden evaluation or to learn more about our maintenance service, email or call us at (510) 893-1999.

Spending time in a well-tended garden is relaxing and satisfying. We look forward to bringing that experience to you.